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Painting Or Repainting a Metal Roof

Protecting the roof or roof maintenance plays a very important role in our lives and maintaining it certainly is one the thing that we have to be concerned of.

Metal roof is composed of membranes or corrugated or flat seams which is one of the several types of roofing that requires some protection. In spite of the fact that metal roof is very tough, the duration of its life depends on how it is preserved.

The metal sheets has to be coated and protected because it is not able cope up with deterioration brought about by oxidation , rust and exposure to rain and heat.
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Metal sheets should be maintained with paint because it has the ability to protect the metal roof for a long time. There are other roofing materials that do not require paint as a protective shield and shingles is one of them.
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On the other hand, chemical substances found in paints causes’ damage to shingles thus decreasing its longevity. In reality, the lifespan of the metal roof is dependent on the paint being used and how good was it applied.

In major cities where the weather is there is an arid temperature, metal roof has become very prominent and where other types of roofing do not last long.

Because of the high humidity, other types of roofing like shingles or tiles deteriorate rapidly and tend to grow algae and fungi. These repeated episodes can result to cracking and early fading of the ceramic roof materials.

Painting a recently installed metal roof is simple for the reason that no additional steps are concerned. But if the roof just needs to be repainted, there are conditions to be met.

First thing to remember is to clean the area that needs painting. Second, the old paint and cracking sealant has to be scraped from the surface of the roof. Organic compounds like rotting leaves and algae must be washed away thoroughly for they can hamper the adherence of the paint on the metal surface, or worse, cultivate over the paint as rain begins to drench the surface again.

Proper rinsing of the roof has to be done before painting it. Metal primers have to be applied after rinsing for the paint to adhere properly. Paints should well adhere to the roof properly to extend the lifespan of the roof.

The majority roofing professionals suggest the utilization of metal primers as a replacement for double application of paint for economic reasons. Do not leave any part of the roof surface uncoated even for just a small area so that the buildup of rust can be prevented.